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Love Notes from Dancers, Studio Owners, Teachers & Parents 

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Jaclyn Augustyn Smith

DanceTouch Collective Administrative Director/ CORE Movement Owner

I continue to be amazed by her ability to inspire young artists (and not so young artists, too!). It's difficult to find a total package; heart, talent, reliability. Kim is all of those qualities and then some. My students LOVE the personal connection: the light heartedness about her instruction has brought my quietest students to the front line, more willing than ever to TRY. My strongest dancers have found new approaches to their art form and enhanced performance qualities!

All in all, Kim is at the top of our list for guest artists, I'm honored to have her as a dancer in our community and friend."



Anna Timmons

Seaside Dance Academy Instructor

Hi Kimberly. I just wanted to thank you for letting me sit in and watch you choreograph on Thursday night. I love how all the movement slowly pieced together and told stories. Don't ever forget that seaside loves you :) we all look forward to your next visit!  And your showcase was absolutely amazing tonight! 


Jackie Lien Hanson

Spotlight Productions Instructor

As a dance teacher you always want what's best for your students. You want them to progress year by year, month by month, piece by piece. You want them to understand that dance isn't all about the trophy and prize at the end. It's about all the feelings that go into the process of getting there; that once they start to let go a little and dance outside of their comfort zone, that's when the magic happens. 


Kimberly Fitch drives this philosophy home to each dancer that she teaches. Her style is positive and motivating with an emphasis on moving from within. Our dancers were thrilled when they heard Kimberly would be a part of our Summer in10sive. Her energy is contagious and something any parent and studio would want to influence their children and dancers.


Chasta Hamilton

Stage Door Dance Owner

Kimberly Fitch is a tour de force of guest artistry! From master classes to choreography, Kimberly demonstrates high levels of professionalism, radiant energy, and a nurturing ambience that works for students of all levels and skill. Her attention to detail, intellect, and creative instinct bring out the best in every dancer....Stage Door Dance loves Kimberly Fitch--she'll always have a standing invitation at our studio! 


Katia Bode

Woodbury Dance Center Instructor & Choreographer

I don't think I could count how many times Zach said "Katia.. you have to meet kimberly!!" He had a blast at your master class, he was so excited to show me the combos  . I see that you are coming to MN for master classes at studios later in the year. Let's talk dates.. WDC would love to have you!! 



Judy Gozur

J & J Dance Depot Owner

What makes Kimberly stand out from other teachers...Is the LOVE! She just is a brilliant Educator. Not only does she have a profound understanding of her craft but it's her unique ability to deliver the material.she has such a joyfulness about her (no matter) the situation. That happiness is contagious! It carries over into her class dance room.  It's that love of people (all ages) mixed with that passion of dance that makes her so wonderful! It's just very natural for her to connect with her students because it's all from the heart. She captivates the student and at the same time she inspires while being very patient. Her knowledge, hunger and passion for people and dance are very uplifting and encouraging to her students...and their teachers! Kimberly truly knows how to use every natural God given gift God has given her. In this day and age of the ever changing dance revolution... Kimberly holds a special and rare quality. She does not just throw the material at kids,  but delivers it to them wrapped up with love, kindness and patience! She truly is an exellent educator and person! Kimberly Fitch, the person, is what makes her stand out in the world of dance educators. I personally highly recommend her for your next dance experience!

Will Couture

Student- LINES Ballet , 2011 FDC Scholarship Winner

I don't know how much of me you remember but I have a little story for you. Many years ago I did a convention in Wisconsin...I was not very good at ALL then but during the convention you noticed me and had me go in every group. Long story short, you showed an interest in me as a dancer and that really changed my life. That was the turning point for my dancing. Right now I am away at college studying under LINES ballet. Thank you for showing interest in me and being an influence in changing my life! 


Katelyn Rademacher

Student- Tremaine (Assistant,) Teacher/Choreographer Premiere Dance Academy

"Kimberly is not only a brilliant choreographer with fresh and innovative movement, but she is a personable, thoughtful, and experienced person and dancer. She has personally brought me to a higher level of dance and her wise advice on the dance industry has gotten me to where I am today. I am thankful to know Kimberly and have the opportunity to take her fun and inspiring classes. She makes sure class is fun and instructive for all ages, with a guarenteed challenge you need to strive to perfect. Kimberly is a strong figure with personality that you will not forget."

Much love,

Katelyn Rademacher 






I have met a lot of master teachers over the 5 years I have been in dance. You are the one I admire the most. I can remember walking into your master class like it was just yesterday. You had this amazing energy and love for teaching that I have never seen before. You moved the whole room with your fun upbeat teaching style. I was 10 years old when I met you. All I could think of when I walked out of your class is I want to be just like you when I grow up. I still feel that today. I would love to be a master teacher and travel the world and share my love for dance like you get to. I can only hope I can be as an amazing dancer as you are someday. Thank you for being a part of my life and my love of dancing! 

Miranda Johnson

Northland School of Dance 


Hey Kimberly I just want to say that I absolutely loved your Contemporary and Hip Hop Master Classes from Virginia Beach Nationals! They were so great, me and my World of Dance friends are still doing them at the studio. 

Terese Davies

World of Dance, Albany, NY 



Dear Kimberly, Thank you so much for coming to Core and giving us the two day workshops. I had so much fun and I will never forget the experience for as long as I live. You inspired me to become a driven, dedicated, and most of all a more passionate dancer than ever before. Thank you.

Love xoxo

Sloane Gandler



I miss taking your class so much! I am getting ready for school now in NYC and you NEED to let me know when you do intensives so i can participate in them and take more of your amazing classes. 

 Meghan DeGraff

World of Dance

Miss Starpower 2010, Dance Major at Point Park College


I am beyond thankful for you and your talent. . . I was in the studio today and thought of the amazing classes that you taught. . Thanks for your encouragement! You will never know how thankful I am for you and your spirit! I wish you the best wherever you continue to go and tell your story through dancing and choreography : ) Keep in touch!  

Kimberly Johanna Childers


Aww kimberly!!!!! I'm gona misss u so much!! Thank u soo much for everything!! I had so much fun with my solo and duet and u taught me tons that I will for sure take on with me forever!  I hope i can take class from you  from u soon! Thank u for everything Kimberly! I love youuuu!!!!!!

<3 Azalea Mayes

Revolution Dance Center


I loved your combinations so much :) It was so fun working with you. Can't wait to see you in August when you come back to choreography our competition numbers!

Jennifer Lynne Mott 

ExpresseNZ Dance Dancer 


Kimberly I love you! Youre Amazing! I cant wait till you come back again! I had so much fun, even on our emotional days when we all cried during the lyrical combo! Thanks for bringing that out in us all! Your choreography was great! Thank you so much!

Laura Seitz

Seaside Dance Academy


I really enjoyed having you at our studio this weekend!! The dance that you choreographed for us are really fun and I think they will score really well:) I can't wait for you to come back on Monday! 

Falon Taylor

ExpresseNZ Dance Center


Hi Ms Kim Hope all is well! Thank you so much for the encouragement and amazing character! It was a pleasure to have taken your workshop. It really made me go after dance even harder i cant wait to explore the dance world even more. Love ya and hope to see you soon.

Calvin Martin



Thanks for such an amazing class tonight! We all had a really great time! I wish we could've stayed longer...well I guess you're just gonna have to come back then! haha thanks again 

Steph Cichy

NJ Dance Center


Thanks for an amazing class last night. I had a great time. I wish you were able to stay longer. I hope we can have another class with you. Thanks again. Oh and what was the name of the song you used... I really liked it. Thank 

Claudia Hanna

NJ Dance Center


Kimberly Fitch helped me so much with my solo and group dances! She came to our studio and worked with us on our competition dances! It was a lot of fun working her; She made me feel really comfortable and had really good corrections. She not only told me corrections but, she told me why I needed to do them that way and physically moved my body to the correct positions which helped a lot! It was a lot of fun working with her and I can't wait to do it again!

Jake Bjornlie

Kansas City, Missouri

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