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In 2005 while visitng her hometown of Churchville-Chili, NY Kimberly Fitch looked around and realized that everything she had hoped for growing up in this small town had come true in just the few years since she'd moved away. She also remembered a successful career in entertainment seemed impossible to others in her town and she'd heard the "odds are against you" more times than she would have liked. Right then she decided she needed to go to the studios in her hometown and tell the dancers otherwise! She wanted to encourage and inspire them to fearlessly follow their dreams. She was proof that no matter what challanges you face your dreams are within reach! That night she designed a flier, planned her route to drive to 33 local studios the following day and... KFiNC Dance was born!


Today, KF iNC tours internationally year-round, visiting dance studios and companies in an effort to inspire and train young dancers to grow not only as dancers, but as people. Passion, persistance and dedication are stressed at each event. Kimberly shares her passion, knowledge and life experiences in the hopes that each and every dancer in the room realizes their true potential and fights to reach it.


KImberly came to NYC with one lung, enough money to pay for classes and groceries and all the determination in the world. Today she resides in NYC and Los Angeles doing what she loves. Her goal is to have dancers realize that whether they are the dancer in the  front or back row, from a big city or tiny town and despite any financial, health or other "obstacles" they may face... nothing in life is a setback...these things are simply inspiration to drive you forward and contribute to your development. 

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