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all group sizes. all styles. all award winning.


>   UNPREDICTABLE movement

>   UNPRECEDENTED concepts

>   UNHEARD music

>   UNBELIEVABLE staging

>   UNSEEN costuming 

​>   UNTOUCHABLE on every stage 

100% of Kimberly's pieces have won Overall High Scores, Entertainment Awards & Choreography Awards. Her unique style, intricate staging & attention to detail have earned her countless National Titles,  Judges Choice Awards, Excellence Awards in all styles, Highest Scoring Dance of the Competition, the Standing Ovation Award, FDC National Titles and the list goes on. 


Kimberly choreographs solos through productions in contemporary, theater, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and ballet. She is committed to creating unique pieces and handles every detail of the process, from music editing, formation charts, costume design and cleaning. It is highly suggested studios take advantage of her Dance Doctor Dance Cleaning events to maintain the integrity of the original vision and style of the piece. Kimberly takes care to make sure the piece is designed to showcase the dancer's skill set. For inquiries and to book choreography click here


1st Overall Teen Large Group "Bare Your Soul" DMA New England 2015

1st Overall Line - “Mademoiselle” Groove 2015

1st Overall “Teach Me How to Shimmy” Groove 2015

Highest Scoring 12 & Under Dance of the Competition On Point 2015

1st Overall Line - “Mademoiselle” On Point 2015

1st Overall “Teach Me How to Shimmy” On Point 2015

1st Overall- Jr Jazz "Lil Eves" Hall of Fame 2014 

3rd Overall Senior Small Group "Don't Try to Explain" Hall of Fame 2014

5th Overall Senior Large Group "Don't Try to Explain"League of Champions 2014

1st Overall Production “Invention of Color”- Legacy Dance 2014

3rd Overall Junior Small Group “Use What You Got” -Legacy 2014 

1st Overall Teen Line - “Revolution” Starquest 2014

4th Overall Teen LIne- "Revolution" Turn It Up 2014

1st Overall Senior Large Group “Nothings Real But Love” Rainbow 2013

2nd Overall Senior Small Group “Birds of Paradise" Bravo 2013

2nd Overall Jr Small Group- “The Last Hour” - Bravo 2013

3rd Overall Teen Small Group “Diamond Capers” -Rainbow 2013

1st Place 11& Under A.C.E. Excellence “The Last Hour” 2013

1st Place 12 & Over A.C.E. Excellence “Birds of Paradise” 2013 Standing Ovation o!ward 2010

FDC Judges Choice Award 2011 & 2010

12 & Over Highest Scoring Number Starpower Regionals 2011

12 & Over Wild Scholarship Winner Starpower Regionals 2011

1st Place 12-14 Large Group- Starpower Regionals 2011

1st Place 12-14 Line- Starpower Regionals 2011

12 & Over Best Choreography Award- Starpower Regionals 2011 

12 & Over Lyrical Excellence Award- Starpower Regionals 2011

12 & Over Production Award- Starpower Regionals 2011

So So Fierce Award- Starpower Regionals 2011

Best Choreography Award- Legacy Regionals 2011

3rd Place High Score Teen Group- Legacy Regionals 2011

5th Place High Score Teen Group-Legacy Regionals 2011

Choreography Award  Starquest Regionals 2011

2nd Place Overall Teen Large Group- Starquest Regionals 2011

1st Place Junior Line- Starquest Regionals 2010

Choreography Award- Starquest Regionals 2010

Choreography Award- Starquest Nationals 2010

12 & Under Best Production Award- Starquest Nationals 2010 

Quest for The Best  Starquest Nationals 2010

4th Place Junior Line- Starquest Nationals 2010

1st place Junior Line  Bravo Talent Regionals

Choreography Award- Bravo 2010

1st Place Junior Line- Nexstar 2010

11 and Under Best Choreography- Nexstar 2010

2nd Place Overall Senior Solo- KAR Regionals  2009

1st Place Junior Duet/Trio- KAR Regionals  2009

1st Place Teen Duet/Trio- KAR Regionals  2009

1st Place Senior Duet/Trio -KAR Regionals  2009

1st Place Senior Large Group- KAR Regionals  2009

2nd Place Senior Large Group -KAR Regionals  2009

1st Place Teen Line- KAR Regionals  2009

and many more....

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