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Competition Pieces. Class combos. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page is still in rehearsals...(a.k.a...unfinished) We're adding lots of new videos so check back soon!


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"The Journey"

Senior Lyrical/Contemporary

Expressenz Dance Center, IN

Spec Commercial - Ocean City Boardwalk

directed, choreographed & costumed by Kimberly Fitch

"Dirty Filthy"

Teen Jazz Large Group (Hott Heels style)

Expressenz Dance Center, IN

"Lil' Eves"

Junior Jazz Large Group 

Pittsford Dance Studio, NY 

"Dust Bowl" 

Seaside Dance Academy

Jr Production - 1st Place Overall Undefeated

"Teach Me How To Shimmy"

1st Place Overall (undefeated)

 Highest Scoring 12 and Under Dance of the Competition 

"Diamond Capers" Jazz Combo 

Spotlight Productions 

Contemporary Master Class

Visceral Dance Chicago

"Mademoiselle" Junior Line

1st Place Overall (undefeated) 

"Zero to Hero"

Jr Theater Combo Denver

Sr Hip Hop Combo 

Starquest Nationals

2012 Summer Sizzle

Studios Coast to Coast

Choreography Reel 

clips from 2009-2011 classes 


You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

Jr Production

Seaside Dance Academy

"Your Love" 

Hip Hop Combo

"It Don't Matter to the Sun"

Teen Contemporary Combo

"Black & Gold"

Teen/Sr Contemporary Jazz Combo 

"On A Cloud" 

Jr Jazz Combo 

Seaside Dance Academy 

2012 Summer Sizzle

Studios Coast to Coast

2014 OMMA Awards

New York City Hilton Tmes Square

Disco Theme

"Steppin to the Bad Side "

Broadway Bound 2014 Theater Combo 

"Don't Wait" 

Broadway Bound 2014 Contemporary  Combo

"Steppin to the Bad Side" 

Denver Senior Theater Combo


"Cinema Italiano"

Senior Musical Theater Combo

Fluid Dance Convention Sacramento  

"Whistle While You Work It "

1st Place (undefeated) Jr Small Group 


2011 Junior Production 


(NOTE: the "Little Bird" Section was modified for this performance 1:33-3:15 and is not the original KFiNC choreography.)

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