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100% Guaranteed Improvement.   








Have a seasoned judge clean your pieces BEFORE they hit the stage


You've seen each dance more times than you can count this season. It's time to bring someone in that will notice the little things that can make a HUGE difference! Kimberly has a hawk eye for detail and experience as a competitor, professional dancer, dance captain, master teacher, choreographer and esteemed judge for today's top competitions. 


She'll fix those nagging technical problems, fine tune the performance quality, delve into the story & explore dynamics, levels and staging so that your piece is as effective as possible. Every count, transition, level and formation change, body angle, body line, accent, breathe, silence and detail will be cleaned.  Make sure the audience sees your intended vision by testing the waters before the dancers perform for them. Kimberly is known for her ability to communicate with dancers of all levels in a kind, yet effective manner. The cleaning process guarantees to result in moments that will take the audience's breathe away, as well as erupt with applause when your dancers hit the stage, due to both their excellence in technique and showmanship! Guaranteed to take your solos & group numbers to the next level! 

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