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Who we are...


Our mission is to mold the Movers, Shakers and Risk Takers of the future! 

Professional Dancer & Choreographer, Kimberly Fitch shares her expertise, experiences and passion with every dancer at every event. Take a moment to read her bio and the story of KFiNC to see what inspired her to become a dancer and educator. 



Why the one-woman-show for smaller groups and faculty limited to 2-3 master teachers for large groups you may ask? A wise person once told me "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!" No truer words have ever been spoken!


I remember the first time I was fearless enough to really let go...that was the first time I TRULY danced! I was 16 at Starquest's Power Pak. I look back and wonder why then? I didn't know a single person there, no mirrors were in the room and my dance teachers weren't there. It was in that moment, feeling like nobody was watching or judging me, unable to scrutinize myself in the mirror and not having the pressure of my every step determining which pieces I would be in that season I let down my guard and just went for it! I went for it in every class, whether it worked or didn't and I left that summer a different dancer. A brave & uninhibited dancer who TRULY danced! 


My number one goal is for EVERY dancer to TRULY dance by the time they leave my classroom. Taking chances may come easily to the confident front row dancer, but what about the shy one hiding in the back? The one who loves dance equally but fears looking awkward in front of their peers or the perfectionist who fears "failing"?! It is impossible for every dancer to reach the risk taking level in a one hour master class. This line is crossed once they feel comfortable with a new teacher, trust that the teacher will not judge them and the fear of making mistakes disappears. By spending several consecutive hours with your dancers, rather than introducing a new teacher for each style and class, we are able to build personal relationships with each of them as dancers, individuals and as artists. Myself and the handpicked faculty create a supportive environment where we laugh, share, struggle & focus so that trial and error occurs naturally, breakthroughs happen and dancers TRULY DANCE! I cannot tell you how many times the unsuspecting dancer who usually hides has the most memorable moment of the weekend; surprising the dancers, teachers and most importantly themselves! 


My second reason for keeping a small faculty at each event is to stress versatility. I trained and have worked professionally in all genres. I believe doing so builds a strong foundation and better understanding of the body. Whether or not dancers want to go on to perform commercially, in a company, theaterically or all of the above, having the ability to adapt and appreciate all forms of dance is important, especially in a time when styles overlap so often (lyrical hip hop, contemporary ballet, theater get the idea). By having the same choreographer teach all or several varying genres your dancers come to see that it is possible to be accomplished and passionate in all styles and hopefully they will come to realize the endless possibilities that lie ahead professionally if one explores outside their comfort zone! 


Yours Tryly,

- Kimberly 

Founder, CEO & Artistic Director of KFiNC Dance 


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