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Listen to the podcast below or click here for the full story! 

Check out Kimberly's interview with Australia's one and only
Clint Salter as he picks her brain on:
- her career as a pro dancer & transition to pro choreographer
- the most important lessons she learned from her instructors
- the great things she sees successful studio owners doing
- the common mistakes studios are making
-  how she creates award winning pieces for dancers of all ages,             styles and levels
About Studio Success Formula: Clint Salter is a genius at helping studio owners use their passion to build successful, well branded and profitable studios in their communities! Check out all of his podcasts and blog at

Kimberly shares her insight on Australia's Studio Success Formula Podcast

Check out the Dance Exec, an incredible resource for studio owners, choreographers and industry professionals!


The Dance Exec first picked Kimberly's brain in 2013 in a featured artist interview. Since then they have asked her to write multiple guest series, sharing her unique insider's view on the world of being a guest choreographer. Having visited countlless studios & comapnies over the years she has the process down to a science and shares what works and what does not in order for everyone to get the most out of the choreographer's visit. 


In the two must read series below KF shares the benefits of hosting a professional choreographer AND how to go about hosting a pro. 

Dance Teacher Summit Panel

Kimberly was asked to speak on the panel at this summer's Dance Teacher Summit at the TImes Square Hilton in NYC, alongside one of her mentors, Ray Leeper, the legendary Denise Wall and a few other influential choreographers & dance educators in the dance industry! The Dance Teacher Summit is the nation's largest convention/trade show for dance educators and studio owners. Kimberly was honored to be on the panel and to be an exhibi with her KFiNC booth for a second year!

Pictured Left to Right: Denise Wall, Ray Leeper, Nick Drago, Kimberly FItch

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